Sunday, 24 February 2013

Guess who's baaack

Been dosed with a nasty flu for the majority of the week.

First session back today, personal training, was very successful =] Got a PR and close to a second! Lots of power cleaning (if only real cleaning were as fun) overhead presses, and deadlfting.

Last time I was at the gym I got C&P to 42.5kg, could clean 45kg, but assisted on the ohp.

Went to do the 45kg, kinda got a bit stuck (right at the last bit of the press) and could sense my pt was behind me (i thought that he was assisting) and got it over my head.  But it turns out he went to assist but didn't need to, I had managed to get it up myself. Yay!

Deadlifting was equally as good, did a lot of work on form today.  Seems like I've got a weird body structure, small femurs and a long back (I am quite tall) so I can't actually drag the bar against my legs like the ideal. The point behind doing that is that it takes any reliance on your back away, but I have zero reliance on my spine and can keep it straight despite being further forward than the natural.  Managed to pull a 90kg and got very very very close to a 95kg =]

woooohooo =D

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