Sunday, 10 February 2013


Jesus effing christ.  That BASTARD has joined my gym.  The guy who I was pretty much head over heels in love with.  Who generally treated me very poorly, turned me into a bitter angry person, then told me he would date me if I lost weight. >_<

He just better not come near me when I'm deadlifting (or any other time) or he may find a VERY heavy weight dropped on him. Gr. 

Anyway fuck that.  I had a fantastic day at the gym today.  PT session! 

Elliptical Trainer:  0:13:24 || 1.6km

Two-Arm Kettlebell Swing: 20 kg x 10 reps / 20 kg x 10
Power Clean and Press: 20 kg x 10 / 20 kg x 10 
(warm up - did 10 kb, 10 cp, 10 kb, 10 cp circuit style.)

Power clean & Press: 30 kg x 5 / 35 kg x 3 / 37.5 kg x 1 / 40 kg x 1 / 42.5 kg x 2 AST / 35 kg x 6 (last rep ast)
Power Snatch: 15 kg x 10 (snatch warm up - just the swing without the squatting part)
Overhead Barbell Squat:  15 kg x 5 (again snatch warm up - only did 5 cause my knees can't tolerate a lot of static squatting)
Snatch: 15 kg x 5 / 15 kg x 5 / 15 kg x 5 - my form is getting there but today I felt like it was horrendous! Haven't done snatches in a week so I'm a little out of practice! Or I feel it!
Barbell Deadlift:  60 kg x 5 / 65 kg x 5 / 70 kg x 3
Stretching:  0:05:00

Yes that's RIGHT.  I did a 70kg deadlift.  That's 11 stone, the weight of a relatively normal HUMAN BEING. POW.

PT was very pleased with my progress. I showed him my deadlifts from earlier in the week, and he was like deadlifts deadlifts lets go!  So we did the normal cleans/snatches and once I'd exhausted my overhead lifting we came to deadlifts. Yar.  LOVE LOVE deadlifts.  I told him I could do 60kg pretty easily (as I had done a few days ago) and he started with that.  Lifted it pretty easily for 3, 65 the same. The 70kg was tougher but managed it quite easily. He tells me I have amazing speed with deadlifts, and its likely because I train so much with the kettlebells (I do love them a lot) and they utilise a lot of common muscles.  This is most definitely *my* lift.  He also showed me the proper form (a wider stance than I had done, and closer to the bar) and I also tried the mixed grip (which helps a lot if you use the strong arm for the underhand to keep control) 

I'm starting a cut on monday as well, so gotta come up with a training plan thats not too hard on the weights, probably a lot of bodyweight work and light weights (bridges, press ups, light weights, kettlebells etc) and I'll be eating every single day instead of my normal IF.  Definitely no farmers lifts in the next two weeks lol 

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