Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Neglected blog is neglected

I've been very lax in updating this, naughty naughty....

Lots been happening!

I have the best personal trainer. He tells me that I'm his hero. He wants me to compete :)  I'm like, in complete awe of him.  Not only is he an Adonis of the male species, he's so fun to be around, he always smiles, and always encourages everyone.  I pretty much work so hard during the week so I can be the best I can on my sunday session!  Last Sunday I hit a PB of 47.5kg power clean & press, and a 90kg deadlift x 2.

Squatting is getting easier thanks to a few tips I've had.  Doing bosu squats every now and then seems to be helping with my knee stability, and TRX squats help me work my quads without hurting my poor injury.  (patellar tendinitis)

On Monday I was at the gym working on my power clean and press.  I'm doing a bar warm up then hitting a weight that's heavy but comfortable - which for me is 40kg - and doing as many sets of 5 as I can.

During that session I had another of the trainers in my gym approach me! He asked how long I'd been training for, and watched my clean and press form. I guess he approved by the cheeky grin I got ;D

Yesterday I tried something different, more of an endurance test I guess.  I grabbed my 24kg kettlebell, and pulled out as many 10 sets as I could.  Got to the 32nd set and my knee started clicking horribly.  Gave up on my pride, and stopped there.  I know endurance wise I could've done the 500 I had set out to do, but there's not much point in wrecking myself.  And boy does my ass hurt today =(

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