Monday, 4 February 2013

Intermittent fasting

As I type this, I am roughly half way through my first whole fasting day in a very long time.  When I first started the Alternate Day Diet / Alternate Day Fasting / Intermittent fasts, I was doing this type of fasting, which basically consists of 3 days of fasting per week.  (monday, wednesday and friday).  Then I started doing 5-5 splits as I found the whole days tough to stick to long term (maybe I got bored, maybe my body was getting used to the same routine) So now I've got into the same situation as before, where my split days are no longer working like they used to, so I'm switching back.  Kinda.

This week I intend to do the following:

Mon: Fasting all day
Tues: Eating all day - gym - 1 hr + weights, followed by 1hr Yoga class
Wed: Fasting all day
Thu: Eating until 5pm: Fasting after 5pm - Gym 1hr ish weights session
Fri: Fasting until 5pm
Sat: Eating all day
Sun: Eating all day (maybe a fast evening?)

(total 2 x whole days, 1 x 24hr)
I'm doing the split day on Thu evening/Friday morning as I've got plans on Friday night.  Sister's OH's birthday drinks in t'pub.  :) 

For my first whole day fast, I don't feel too bad at all, which is pretty unusual.. It's normally a bit of a shock to my system when I change my diet over. I'm surprised I haven't got a migraine yet!

I'm really struggling in my head re weight loss vs muscle gains.  As you can guess from the knee picture, I am substantially overweight.  Part of me wants to deal with the weight NOW.  Part of me is kicking ass and loving building muscles. It really is a pity that you can't do both at the same time lol. 

So Cut vs. Bulk?

Cutting has the desired effect weightloss wise
Bulking means not losing significant fat weight in the near future.
Cutting is miserable.
Bulking is freakin awesome fun. 
Cutting means eating less.
Bulking means eating more!

Bulking means I'll have moar muscles and it will make it easier in the long run to lose weight as my BMR will be considerably higher, cutting and maintaining *should* be a lot easier. 

I dont even know what is considered effective bulking/cutting times, like should I bulk for 3 months then cut for 3 months? Shorter? Longer?  Answers on a postcard!

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