Saturday, 9 February 2013

Burning the candle at both ends

*Saturday Gym Session*
Elliptical Trainer: 0.4km 3 m 00
Two-Arm Kettlebell Swing: 20 kg x 10 / 20 kg x 10 / 20 kg x 10 / 20 kg x 10
Log Clean and Press:  20 kg x 10 / 26 kg x 10
Straight Bridge: 10
Tricep Dips - TRX:  10 / 10 / 10 / 10
Body Weight Lunge (vibrating plate): 20 / 20
Farmer's Walk: (18kg per hand)  7m x 4 / 7m x 4 / 7m x 4 / 7m x 4
Lat Pulldown: 35 kg x 8 / 40 kg x 5
Bicep Pulldown:  35 kg x 8 / 40 kg x 5 / 45 kg x 1
Foam Rolling: 0:02:00
Stretching: 0:03:00

zomg farmers walks are HARD. Wanna test your grip strength?  Do a good HEAVY ASS farmers walk as fast as you can.  (A farmers walk is basically holding a heavy weight in each hand, by the side of your hips, and running a distance with it, and running back.)  By the end of each 7m x 4 set I was pretty much throwing the dumbbells on the floor.  Doesn't look difficult but it really is >_< Its in strongman comps for a reason I guess!!  These people use frames which weigh more than the weights I carry at the moment, then they lay shitloads of plates on them!! Argh!

Think next time I'll be leaving the farmers walks to the end as my Lat/Bicep pulldowns really suffered from the fatigue.

I noticed recently that I'm starting to get the tiniest wee biceps too :3

PT tomorrow, i'm going to get my ass well and truly KICKED.  I've felt guilty about not going to the gym (even though I needed to give my knees space to work themselves out after the physio earlier in the week) so I did a workout at home on Thu, Fri and gym on Saturday. God help me, i'm going to die!!!  

Everything is ok knees wise, now I know to go easy on the skwatsss.  Was doing them 2/3 times a week but just keeping them to PT sessions (once a week) until things start to sort themselves out.  I'm having to really listen to my body now.  Not even just in training, I cannot sit with my legs crossed at all anymore as it is pulling the injured tissue. Silly things you wouldn't even think about like the way I sleep, and even the way I drive! Have to do stretches a lot to keep everything working properly.  

I'm feeling very positive about things.  

Starting a cut on Monday.  Dropping IF for a while (its great for bulking and maintenance) and going back to a weightwatchers style diet for about 10 days.  Monday 11/02 - Friday 22/02.  I expect I'll be a complete bitch by.... Monday evening? XD

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