Sunday, 3 February 2013

Another day.....

....another session

0.4km done in 3m00

Two-Arm Kettlebell Swing:
20 kg x 10 reps / 20 kg x 10 reps / 20 kg x 10 reps / 20 kg x 10 reps / 24 kg x 10 reps -PB-
pow pow pow kettlebell queen :) 

Standing Dumbbell Calf Raise:
12 kg x 10 reps / 12 kg x 10 reps -PB- / 12 kg x 8 reps / 12 kg x 8 reps

Not sure if I've got the form right on these, as my back was being worked as much as my calf muscles!  Used a pair of 12kg kettlebells in this exercise.   

Log Clean and Press:
20 kg x 8 reps / 24 kg x 6 reps / 26 kg x 6 reps / 28 kg x 2 reps / 30 kg x 1 reps -PB-

Wow.  Dem Viprs are hard man.  20kg is the highest weight my gym has. So the first one was the 20kg, then for the next ones I used a 20kg and put the smaller 4/6/8/10kg viprs inside the 20kg (they're hollow rubber logs) which also achieves a collosal grip workout as you have to hold and control two viprs, which by the way don't want to be good and stay where they are supposed to. Felt like I could've done a second 30kg but I decided to preserve what was left in my energy stores for the remainder of the session

Lat Pulldown:
35 kg x 8 reps / 40 kg x 5 reps / 45 kg x 3 reps / 50 kg x 1 reps -PB-

Holy hell this was hard ass.  50kg not for the weak minded.  Managed to get it about two thirds of the way down.
Close-Grip Front Lat Pulldown:
35 kg x 8 reps / 40 kg x 5 reps / 45 kg x 3 reps / 50 kg x 1 reps -PB-

struggled to get full ROM again, but got SO CLOSE. I do find the bicep pulldown a litttttle bit easier than the lat pulldown. 

Straight Bridge:
15 reps / 15 reps

my butt started cramping at the end of the second set... lol

Dips - Triceps Version:
10 reps / 10 reps 

Pain. pain. pain.  I hate these with a passion. I have terribly lazy (but correct) form on these, I don't do them with feet straight out because the sheer weight of my body would kill me.  So I do them with my knees bent taking a little of the weight off. Definitely my weakest exercise.  Will probably do these on the TRX suspension as I find standing is more efficient, I can directly target my triceps and I can pull out more sets before I get completely cream-crackered.
One-Arm Kettlebell Swing:
20 kg x 8 reps / 20 kg x 8 reps / 20 kg x 8 reps

Was going to do the same number of sets as I did for the 2 hand swing but by then my whole body was giving up and my form was really going to pot by the 3rd set. 

So I'm now sitting in front of a lovely warm fire, chilling the fuck out, after having eaten a lovely big ass bowl of post workout ice cream.  Nom. 

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