Sunday, 27 January 2013

Personal training session...

...with lots of snatch prep and even some snatches.  Wahey.

I'm quite enjoying my PT sessions.  My PT makes it really good fun and is obviously really into the stuff he's training me on (olympic, heavyweights, bodybuilding) and I love his passion.  When you can feel someone's enthusiasm it really is catching, and motivating!

Did stretches to start (shoulder flexion, then downwards abduction) with 2 x 2kg weights.  PT commented on my amazing flexibility.  I can roughly get 30/35 degrees more than this example:

But also it comes with its problems.  Locking out is natural when you lift a weight, and my natural locking out position is so much further back.  This only seems to cause me problems on a snatch at the moment... possibly because the momentum is swinging me back and I'm ending up with the weight practically BEHIND me, then its throwing my balance off and I'm falling on my backside, not into a squat like I should.  So I have to CONTROL my swing, and stop somewhere which is completely unnatural to me (curse this flexibility!!)

I was doing it with a 10kg weight as a training tool (the idea being I get onto the oly barbell, and start stacking weights) and the pure momentum I was giving was firing it back too far.  So PT decided to get me on a 15kg barbell.  Oddly enough it was slightly easier to control, as there was a lot less momentum from the swing.

But for my 3rd session of learning to snatch (which in itself is no easy feat) I feel pretty confident.  I like doing the swing without any squatting to get my muscle memory / brain going before I do the full job, and its handy using a stepper to keep myself doing the right depth in the squat, and its a comfort to know I won't destroy myself when I fall, i'll just be fallsitting onto the step, heh.

My PT also gets me to do squats with barbell overhead as a practice piece.  I seem to really struggle with this due to my injury.  I told him the backstory (smashed kneecap off escalator step, no fracture, but no other investigation, took forever to get back to normal walking.  Have normal function in it but struggle with a lot of abuse, eg couldn't run/go up stairs a lot, squat a lot) and he reckons its likely to be meniscus damage, probably a tear.  So I'm gonna have to get my ass to a physio to see if I can rehab some of the damage.

Pretty successful day though, only came away with a few minor aches.

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